Hako PowerBoss Armadillo 9XR


If you are looking for a solution to large area coverage and use in extreme conditions: The PowerBoss Armadillo 9XR are high-performance vehicles conceived for precisely these tasks.

This machine operates fully hydraulically in recreation and shopping centres, large warehouses, modern production facilities and car parks. Gradients up to 16%, for example, can be overcome without any problems and while sweeping.

Area coverage: 4300-4800 Sq M per hour

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Product Brochure (PDF)

• R360-degree maintenance accessibility to engines and hydraulic systems
• Very economic and durable, less down time and lower maintenance costs.
• Comfortable high dump up to 1.62 m from ground level.
• Coarse dirt access door: operator can place items in hopper that should not be swept.

Powerful Dust Filter System

No-tools quick-change filter for easy routine maintenance. Dual dust filter as a standard. Four-stage dust filtration system.
Stage 1: Vacuumized main broom chamber.Stage 2: Pre-filter eliminates dust before it reaches the panel filter. Stage 3: Efficient synthetic panel filter. Stage 4: Powerful filter-cleaning motor.

Engine Swing

360-degree engine and hydraulics accessibility for ease of maintenance, less down time and more productivity.

High Dump

The heavy-duty steel hopper can be lifted
from ground level up to 1.62 m for variable dumping.

High Capacity Hopper

The large 600-litre debris hopper guarantees long operating times for best possible economic efficiency.

Rotary Trash Relocater-System

The high-capacity 600-litre hopper combined with the unique RTR system yields the perfect blend of long running time and economic efficiency. The RTR system rotates the hopper and moves debris from the hopper lip to the front part of the hopper to increase the hopper’s capacity by up to 50%.


Technical Data Armadillo 9XR LPG 9XR D
Sweeping width (cm) 122 122
With 1 / 2 side brushes (cm) 156/193 156/193
Sweeping performance (theor.) (m²/h) 25.000 25.000
Dirt hopper volume (l) 600 600
Dump height (cm) 162 162
Filter surface (m²) 11,0 11,0
Power output (kW) 33,0 26,5
Sweeping speed (km/h) 13,0 13,0
Weight, ready to use (kg) 1.710 1.710
Width (mm) 1.520 1.520
Length (mm) 2.790 2.790
Height (mm) 1.470 1.470

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