Tennant S10 (Area coverage: 2800-3300 Sq M per hour)


Industrial Walk-Behind Sweeper.

Tennant’s S10 Industrial Floor Sweeper is a heavy duty, battery-powered walk-behind sweeper that cleans harsh industrial environments.

Area coverage: 2800-3300 Sq M per hour

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Spot Hire from three days up to five years

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Tennant’s S10 Industrial Floor Sweeper is built heavy duty to take on the harshest industrial environments:

  • Sweep tight and open spaces in the harshest environments with a walk-behind sweeper built for exceptional performance, durability and dust control
  • Increase cleaning run time with one of the largest hoppers in any walk-behind floor sweeper
  • Protect employees and facilities from potentially harmful dust by capturing dust particles as small as 3 microns
  • Increase uptime with the largest hopper of any walk-behind sweeper; contains up to 70 kg of debris
  • Exceptional dust control protects facility and employees from potentially harmful dust

Sweep both open and congested spaces

Compact design enables the operator to efficiently clean both open and congested spaces.

Clean longer

The S10 features two powerful, Wet or Maintenance free batteries for fume-free, long-running performance, while the ergonomically designed handle ensures operator comfort.

Lower maintenance cost

Reduce maintenance costs with durable, corrosion-proof construction, while wrap around bumper protects machine and facility.

Deliver a thorough clean

Fully variable forward and reverse functions ensure easy manoeuvrability, in any direction, while exceptional dust control filters down to 3 microns.



Cleaning path 86 cm
Dimensions (L x W x H) 160 cm x 92 cm x 94 cm
Weight 272 kg
Sound level 70 dB(A)
Vacuum fan speed 2000 rpm
Filter area 4,9 m2
Motor 0.75 kW
Batteries 2 x 12V 110 Ah/C5
Hopper volume capacity 80 L
Brush speed 550 rpm
Main brush length 66 cm

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