Tennant T17 (area coverage: 4500-5000 Sq M per hour)


The T17 delivers maximised floor cleaning capacity in the harshest industrial environments. It provides the features you need to clean faster and better while saving money and increasing safety.

This machine will clean up to three times longer with a single tank of water using Tennant’s innovative ec-H2O.

Area coverage: 4500-5000 Sq M per hour

Available for hire:


Spot Hire from three days up to five years

Contract Hire with extensive flexibility

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This high-performing, heavy-duty industrial scrubber is designed to deliver a dry, safe clean in harsh environments. The T17 Heavy-Duty Battery Rider Scrubber provides an easy operator experience and helps reduce machine downtime.

  • Maximize cleaning capacity in harsh industrial locations; clean up to three times longer with a single tank of water.
  • Maintain high traction for safer, drier floors with excellent water recovery.
  • Improve operator safety and productivity with intuitive controls and simple maintenance features.
  • Clean longer on a single charge with the larger battery capacity option.


Application Indoor
Head types Disk, Cylindrical
Solution Tank capacity 75 or 115 gal / 285 or 435 L
Power source Battery
Main down pressure Up to 550 lb / 250 kg
Cleaning Path 40 in / 1020 mm, 46 in / 1170 mm, 49 in / 1255 mm, 52 in / 1320 mm
Squeegee Width 49 in / 1245 mm
Sound Level As low as 65-66 dBA
Recovery Tank Capacity 91.1 gal / 346 L
Estimated Run Time Up to 7.5 hours
Estimated Coverage Up to 84480 sq ft / 7860 sq m

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