Tennant 7200 (area coverage: 2500-3000 Sq M per hour)

Tennant 7200

Battery-Powered Riding Scrubber

The 7200 battery scrubber delivers superior cleaning results down aisles, around corners, and even in tight spots with legendary Tennant durability and reliability.

Area coverage: 2500-3000 Sq M per hour

Available for hire:


Spot Hire from three days up to five years

Contract Hire with extensive flexibility

Contract Hire or Contract Lease Purchase


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Quiet, fume free performance

Over 3 hours of quiet battery-powered run-time, means the 7200 cleans in even the most noise-sensitive environments.

Low maintenance, worry-free operation

Superior engineering provides maximum up-time and worry-free operation to keep the 7200 operating efficiently for the life of the machine.

Increased productivity with innovative FaST

With so little water required to create high-performance FaST foam, operators clean up to three times long between empty/fill stops.

  • Just-scrubbed floors immediately clean, dry and safe for traffic with FaST™ foam cleaning technology
  • High versatility enabling daily cleaning across a wide variety of environments
  • Quiet, fume-free operation for cleaning in noise–and environmentally–sensitive areas


Weight 1105 lb / 501 kg
Height 53.5-inch / 1360 mm
Width 40.25-inch / 1020 mm
Length 72-inch / 1830 mm
Propel Motor 1.5 hp / 1.1 kW
Propel Speed Backward 2.5 mph / 4.0 km/h
Propel Speed Forward 6.0 mph / 9.7 km/h
Vacuum Fans (2) 0.8 hp / 0.6 kW
Vacuum Water Lift 70-inch / 1780 mm
Vacuum Fan Speed 14,000 rpm
Recovery Tank 35 gallon / 132 litre
Solution Tank 35 gallon / 132 litre
Edge Scrub Reach 2-inch / 51 mm
Cleaning Path 36-inch / 910 mm

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