Nilfisk IVB 995 ATEX TYPE 22

Effective vacuuming of heavily soiled areas, and the fast pick-up of liquid or powder spills call for an industrial class vacuum cleaner that is designed to handle these kinds of applications.

The Nilfisk IVB series includes three platforms, all designed for specific purposes and all capable of handling the tough cleaning jobs that lesser vacuums can’t cope with.

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The secret lies in Nilfisk’s whole approach to designing application-based equipment. It starts by talking to customers, by learning and by listening. We then incorporate design features based on meeting these specific needs, whether it’s better filtration, more power, more flexibility, easier emptying – whatever gets the job done in the fastest, most productive way.

That’s why this range of Nilfisk wet/dry pick-up industrial vacuums is the right choice for serious cleaning applications.

  • Unique ‘Push & Clean’ filter cleaning system maintains airflow without downtime
  • Two-motor industrial performance for effective results
  • Stainless steel container & industrial-class construction for extended working life
  • Washable large-surface PET Fleece filter for high efficiency & low maintenance
  • Large 70 litre capacity container, reduces emptying to a minimum
  • The container is tilt-able and removable for easy emptying
  • Super-strong fleece filter supplied as standard
  • Available in L, M and H-Classes and ATEX type 22 for use in hazardous or explosive environments
  • Stainless steel tank is corrosion proof and easy to clean
  • Big surface PET Filter cartridge is washable and durable. Has a 10 times longer lifetime than conventional paper filters
  • Low amperage Soft-Start means that the machine can be plugged in anywhere without risk of blowing fuses
  • Anti-static protection guards against risk of static build-up
  • XtremeClean automatic filter cleaning ensures consistent operation without loss of airflow


Rated power (W) 2 x 1200
Length x width x height (mm) 615x690x990
Suction power end of tube (W) 270
Container capacity (l) 50
Weight (kg) 45
Voltage (V) 220-240
Vacuum (kPa) 23