Nilfisk Ecoil 13

The most effective method to save money in the metalwork industry.

The OIL series is indispensable in the engineering industry where machine tools are used. Their main function is to separate the lubricant/oil/coolant from the metal swarf and recover the liquid.

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In a CNC machine tool many litres of coolant/oil are used in order to cool the cutting tool during the process. This “liquid” is expensive and has to be re-used. Thanks to the OIL series, this job can be done in a very short time. The swarf is retained into a basket and just the “liquids” fall down into the main tank where an electrical liquid cut-out will stop the motor when the maximum level is reached. Then thanks to the gun the coolant is re-ejected into the machine tool for re-using. This operation can be done while sucking the material and has a great advantage in terms of money as the oil/coolant keeps its property assuring perfect workmanship.

    • Re-use of emulsions
    • Reducing machine downtime
    • Prolongs the lifetime of the machine tool


Voltage (V) 230
Length x width x height (mm) 670x1050x1500
Inlet (mm) 50
Insulation class B
Frequency (Hz) 50-60
Weight (kg) 120