Nilfisk 3707 – 3707/10 L-M-H

5.5 and 7.5kW power for hazardous dusts

3707-3707/10 has a three phase side chanel blower that guarantees quiet and continuous running. The suction unit is controlled by utilising soft start technology which reduces power consumption during start up. The 3707 and 3707/10 have the ability to collect high quantities of heavy materials.

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With power ratings of 5.5kW & 7.5kW, the 3707- 3707/10 offers high performance whilst being extremely manouvrable and versatile. Large waste containers are designed for heavy duty use and constant service. With a large 175 litre capacity waste bin, it is fitted with the drop down release mechanism to ensure ease of removal and emptying. Filter cleaning is done via the manual filter shaker or by an optional electrical version. The machine body is manufactured to ensure stability, robustness and a long service life. Fitted as standard with a large “L” class primary filter, optional filter requirements can be utilised to reach M and H class standards using HEPA and ULPA absolute filtration methods

    • Reliable 3 phase suction units for continuous use
    • High performance levels
    • Large primary L class star filter
    • Electric filter shaker option
    • Low maintenance
    • Upstream & downstream absolute filter
    • Filter blockage monitoring
    • Watertight control panel utilising soft start technology