The Sweepmaster 1200 RH is the perfect machine for the effective and economic vacuum sweeping of multi storey car parks, warehouses and production facilities.

The Sweepmaster 1200 RH is fitted with all the equipment and functional features of its bigger brother but is operated manually by means of easy-to-use levers and switches. Available as petrol, liquefied petroleum gas, diesel or battery-powered models, all types of demanding indoor and outdoor deployment are possible.

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  • Available as petrol, LPG, diesel or battery models
  • Large 130l dirt hopper with hydraulic high dump
  • Powerful lift- even when the dirt hopper is the full weight of approximately 230kg
  • Automatic broom hopper adaptation
  • A special winding protection device prevents bearing damage when film and tape are swept up
  • Maximum manoeuvrability
  • Possible to use the machine in noise-sensitive areas
  • Extremely effective cassette filter system results in a dust-free operation with very little maintenance
  • Simple operation
Technical Data Sweepmaster P1200 RH Sweepmaster D1200 RH Sweepmaster B1200 RH
Drive Petrol/LPG Diesel Battery
Max. output 11.9 kW 9.8 kW 4.3 kW
Sweeping width/with 1 SB/ 2 SB 80/115/147 cm 80/115/147 cm 80/115/147 cm
Sweeping perfomance with 1 SB 10,300 m2/h 10,300 m2/h 9,200 m2/h
ABBA wear compensation
Dirt hopper volume 130 l 130 l 130 l
Dumping height 142 cm 142 cm 142 cm
Filter surface 5 m2 5 m2 5 m2
R2S filter cleaning system
Working speed 9 km/h 9 km/h 8 km/h
Climbing capacity 0.18 0.18 0.16
Weight (ready to use) 763 kg 784 kg 920-1,100 kg
Width x Length 1,142 x 1,998 mm 1,142 x 1,998 mm 1,142 x 1,998 mm
Height (with cab roof) 1,520 (1,999) mm 1,520 (1,999) mm 1,520 (1,999) mm

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