Eco City Sweeper 2

Eco City Sweeper 2

Compact Silent Pedestrian Sweeper

The Eco City Sweeper 2, is manoeuvrable and much quieter than other traditional diesel powered machines, and represents a new concept in street and pedestrian cleaning. The machine is particularly suitable for cleaning private and public spaces, including sidewalks, pedestrian areas and historical centres.

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Equipped with a patented hydraulic system for the control and regulation of the pressure on the main brush, the ISAL 6000 offers exemplary cleaning performance even on dips in roads and on irregular pavements.

A third side brush, controlled directly by the operator with a joystick in the cabin, can operate on both sides of the machine, and is ideal for sweeping under and around obstacles.


The Eco City Sweeper 2 is powered by a 24v 320 amp hour battery pack providing a 10 hour run time with an overnight charge. For organisations that do not require such a long operating time but need flexible charging set up there is the Lithium battery pack available.

On top of the Ec friendly power source the ECS2 benefits from a filtered vacuum system making the emissions from this urban sweeper safe for pedestrian and operators alike.


The Eco City Sweeper 2 is also incredibly versatile because it can be used both as a walk behind machine, and a ride-on machine with the addition of a chariot, this offers the possibility to drive for long distances.

It is also equipped with a wander suction hose for vacuuming bulky waste reaching narrow spaces such as flower beds, side benches, etc.


Max sweeping range 1350mm
Hopper capacity 130l
Coverage performance 6000 m2/h
Motor power 1900W
Maximum speed 6 Km/H
Maximum slope 15%
Central brush sweeping path 600mm
Dust control with water yes
Filter Polyester panel
Filtering surface 3m2
Filtering shaker Electric
Supply Battery 24V
Traction Electric
Noise level 70 db(A)
Steering range 2800mm
Weight with batteries 665 Kg
Dimensions (LxWxH) 200x127x114 cm
Working Time > 6 h

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