E26 Sport

Disc Automatic Scrubber with SPORT Technology

The E26 ECO SPORT is a disc brush scrub-ber with a 26” cleaning path. It is a cost effective solution to large scrubbing needs. Advanced technology makes the E26 ECO SPORT a part of the innovative walk-behind scrubber line, the E Series. 

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Easy-to-understand controls ensure that the machine is simple to operate. The compact and sleek design results in total operator comfort by focusing on ergonomics and providing an excellent line of sight of the area to be cleaned.

The offset brush head gives the operator a greater view of all cleaning op-erations and the compact scrubber contains a large scrub head to allow for optimal cleaning performance. The adjustable handle and ergonomic hand bails offer superior handling and the traction drive speed can be adjusted with the turn of a dial.

The E26 ECO SPORT contains an on-board charger. When the on-board charger is plugged in, the machine is not operable. The E26 ECO SPORT also features easy brush loading and unloading. A parabolic squeegee is standard. The squeegees are designed so that no operator adjustment is necessary. 

  • Cleaning Path 26″ 
  • Brush Speed 180 RPM – 400 RPM Brush Motor (1) 3/4 HP 
  • Solution Tank 12 Gallon Recovery Tank 13 Gallon 
  • Coverage Performance: 35,464 sq.ft./hr 
  • Equipped with on-board charger 
  • Weight with batteries: 372 lbs 
  • Includes: 7523 -Pad Driver & 172626 – 13″ SPORT Prep Pads 
Battery Amp Hours  140 AH,12V, 

Crown 24V 

135 AH, 12V, AGM 24V  130 AH, 12V, 

Trojan 24V 

Number Re-quired  2  2  2 
Noise Level  <= 70 dBs  <= 70 dBs  <= 70 dBs 
Static Lift  45”  45”  45” 
Working Speed  3.1 MPH  3.1 MPH  3.1 MPH 
Productivity  35,464 ft2/hr  35,464 ft2/hr  35,464 ft2/hr 
Squeegee  38”  38”  38”