Tennant T20 LPG Powered Disc Brush Scrubber Drier


Fully Rebuilt engine, entire machine fully refurbished.

£32,500.00+vat with 12 Months Onsite Warranty on hard parts. (Price brand new £58,000.00+Vat).

Area coverage at 2.5KM/hour: 2675 Sq M/hour.


Engine fully rebuilt: all major parts replaced with new:

Engine rebuild: (all brand new parts): rebore, reface block and valve seatsreface head, pistons & rings, big end bearings, main bearings, con rods, valves, headset, manifold gasket, bottom set, head bolts, con rod bolts, timing belt, tensioner, cam kit, water pump, oil pump, thermostat, thermostat housing, checked & polished crank.



Scrubbing System

Cleaning path Disk main brushes 1070 mm, With scrubbing side brush 1370 mm

Disk main brushes Brush speed 230 rpm Brush down pressure (up to) 181 kg

Brush diameter (3) 360 mm each.

Disk side brush speed 150 rpm Scrubbing brush diameter 410 mm.


Specification: Tanks

TANKS Solution tank 303 L Solution capacity with ES® 473 L

Recovery tank 360 L

Demisting chamber 57 L

Vacuum fans Speed 11,000 rpm

Water lift 890 mm.

Specification: Propelling System

Propel speed forward (variable to) 13 km/h

Propel speed reverse (variable to) 6.4 km/h Engine-gasoline/LPG (1.6 L) 44.7 kW

Gradeability Transport at gross weight 18% Working (cleaning) 14%

Ground clearance 76 mm.

Specification: Dimensions

Length 2410 mm

Width Frame 1270 mm

Rear squeegee 1300 mm

With side brush 1470 mm

Height 1470 mm

Weight (empty) 1497 kg

Minimum aisle turn 2790 mm.