Tennant S20 Diesel Engine Sweeper

Tennant S20 Diesel Engine Sweeper
Tennant S20 Diesel Engine Sweeper Tennant S20 Diesel Engine Sweeper Tennant S20 Diesel Engine Sweeper Tennant S20 Diesel Engine Sweeper Tennant S20 Diesel Engine Sweeper
Product Code: Tennant S20 Diesel Engine Sweeper
Price: £15,600.00
Ex Tax: £13,000.00
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Machine will be supplied with 6 months warranty on hard parts by Industrial Cleaning Machinery (UK) Ltd, co reg 07703452. A vat receipt will be provided to the buyer. (Onsite service available nationally for business customers who qualify for a credit account).


Price £13,000.00 +vat. (Price new £30K)


Delivery prices available on application.


Front throw, diesel engine driven sweeper, DOM 2012. Can pick up debris from the size of half a house brick to very fine dust. Suitable for use inside and out, in either wet or dry conditions.


  • The filter and cyclonic chamber and no-tool brush change make maintenance easy.
  • Dust control system on main broom allows use in extremely challenging environments without any ambient/air borne dust being created.
  • Rugged construction; built on full wrap-around steel T-beam superstructure and corrosion proof heavy-duty Duramer hopper and shrouds.


Improving air flow filtration and dust control for sweeping, the S20 SweepMax system uses a 3-stage dust control system:



Keep bulky debris, water, and heavy dust in the hopper with the first stage Perma-filter.



Remove fine dust and moisture by redirecting it into the hopper with the second stage cyclonic pre-filter.



Filter sub-micron dust particulates down to 0.5 microns at 99% efficiency with a third stage, flame retardant, nanofiber surface loading canister filter.This 3-stage system filters sub-micron dust particles to a MERV 13 rating onthe ASHRAE 20 point scale.



  • Maximize dust control and improve air flow filtration with the SweepMax® 3-stage dust control system.
  • Clean from the inside out, dislodging dust particles lodged deep within the pleats with
  • ShakeMax® 360 filter shaker.
  • Compact size and indoor /outdoor flexibility increases machine use throughout the facility.
  • Decrease operator training time and simplify machine operation with
  • “All-Levers-Forward” controls.


  • Excellent operator sightlines, standard headlights and taillights, 7 in /180 cm side brush reach, and horn button in center of steering wheel.
  • Thermo-Sentryhopper sensor alerts operators to excessive heat in the hopper and shuts down air flow to hopper.
  • Seat occupancy switch shuts down the engine within seconds of the operator leaving the seat.
  • Optional overhead guard with standard rear-view mirror and tower bumpers protect the operator and machine.


  • Quality combines with easy maintenance features to make the S20 an exceptionally cost-effective sweeper that you can count on for years of reliable service.
Technical Data
Dust Control System Filter system (triple stage) Stage 1 Perma-filter™ Perma-filter™ Stage 2 Cyclonic pre-filter Cyclonic pre-filter Stage 3 (canister filled) 80 ft2 / 7.4 m2 80 ft2 / 7.4 m2 Filtration level (up to) 0.5 microns @ 99% efficiency Vacuum fan 1.5 hp / 1.12 kW 1.0 hp / 0.75 kW Vacuum fan speed 6,480 rpm 6,100 rpm Vacuum diameter 9 in / 230 mm 9 in / 230 mm
WEIGHT Weight (net) without battery 2,300 lb / 1,045 kg Weight (net) with standard battery 2,450 lb / 1,110 kg 2,975 lb / 1,350 kg
Power Engine-diesel 18.5 hp / 13.8 kW
Dimensions Length 82.3 in / 2,090 mm 82.3 in / 2,090 mm Width 48.5 in / 1,230 mm 48.5 in / 1,230 mm Height With overhead guard 82.1 in / 2,085 mm 82.1 in / 2,085 mm Without overhead guard 49.5 in / 1,260 mm 49.5 in / 1,260 mm
Cleaning Range Single side brush 50 in / 1,270 mm Dual side brush 62 in / 1,575 mm