Karcher HDS 2000 Super

Karcher HDS 2000 Super
Brand: Karcher Products in Leeds
Product Code: HDS 2000 Super

Equipped with two powerful pumps and efficient burner technology, the HDS 2000 Super is designed fortwo-person operation in industry, construction and agriculture, and for large vehicle fleets. The machine'ssettings can be locked to prevent interference, whilst performance of up to 1850 litres per hour water flowand 180 bar pressure provide superb cleaning results.

  • Service control
  • Electronic monitoring device for protection against interference
  • Service interval display via LED
  • Duo drive concept
  • Two fatigue tested, water-cooled three-phase motors
  • Delayed start prevents mains overload
  • Powerful for two-lance use

Standard accessories:

  • Trigger gun Easy-Press
  • Trigger gun with soft grip
  • High-pressure hose 15 m
  • Spray lance 1050 mm
  • Power nozzle
  • Servo Control
  • Anti-twist system (AVS)
  • Galvanized and powder coatedchassis
  • Three piston axial pump withceramic piston
  • Pressure switch control•Optional two-lance operation
  • Pole reversing plug (three-phase)
  • SDS system
  • Electronic service control withLED display
  • 2 pump units with ceramicsleeves
  • 2 detergent tanks
  • Dry running protection
Technical Data
Power Supply (v) 3/400/50
Water flow rate (l/h) 800-1850
Pressure (bar) 30-180/3-18
Max temperature (ºC) 80/98
Connected load (kW) 2 x 6.7
Weight (kg) 280
Fuel Tank (I) 25