Karcher HD 7/18-4 M Plus

Karcher HD 7/18-4 M Plus
Brand: Karcher Products in Leeds
Product Code: 09.HD 7/18-4 M Plus

The Kärcher HD 7/18-4 M Plus is a powerful, medium class pressure washer for heavy duty cleaning tasks where 3-phase power supply is available. The machine features a 4-pole electric motor that runs at lower rpm than a 2-pole motor, providing more power and longevity. The machine offers water pressure of up to 180 bar and water flow rate of up to 700 litres per hour.


  • For heavy duty, regular use applications
  • Suitable for cleaning heavily soiled machinery, vehicles and site equipment

Features & Benefits

  • Power cord storage at the back of the unit.
  • Integrated lance holder for transport.
  • Parking position for short breaks.
  • Large wheels for uneven surfaces.
  • Upright design for easy, ergonomic transport.
  • Integrated tilting aid at the rear.
  • Air/water-cooled electric motors for intensive use.
  • 4-pole low-speed electric motor.
  • For precise, variable cleaning agent dosing.
  • 2-way dosing valve for cleaning agent changeover.
  • Easy cleaning agent bottle changeover.
Technical Data
Power Supply (v) 400
Water flow rate (l/h) 240-700
Pressure (bar) 30 - 180 / 3 - 18
Max water feed temp (ºC) up to 60
Connected load (kW) 5
Weight (kg) 49
Max Pressure bar 215/21.5