Karcher IV 100/75 415 Volt

Karcher IV 100/75 415 Volt
Product Code: Karcher IV 100/75 415 Volt

High productivity, high filtration, three phase compact industrial vacuum with Tact² automatic filter clean system for heavy duty dust extraction.

Wear-resistant side channel compressor

Side channel compressor offers high suction power and durability.

These machines are ideal for multi-shift use.

Automatic Filter Cleaning System TactÇ

The two filters are cleaned with powerful blasts of air automatically for a constant high suction power.

Filter designed to allow uninterrupted use with consistently high suction power.

Technical Data
Weight (kg) 256
DIMENSIONS (LxWxH) 1280 x 690 x 1820
Power KW max. 7.5
Airflow 550 m³/h
Sound Level (DBA) 72