Numatic and Viper machines

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Numatic NTT2003
Advanced Filtration & Cyclonic - NTT2003 As much power and performance as you can fit into a single vacuum cleaner whilst still maintaining practical size and proportions. The Triplex ..
Nilfisk CFM SOL 3000
The single phase CFM OL3000 is the most powerful of the CFM SOL series: three independent motors 3000 watt power, 100 litres container and external manual filtershaker. The SOL3000 is particulalry ..
Viper LSU 255 SS
Two motor wet and dry vacuum cleaner The VIPER LSU 255 is a wet/dry professional vacuum cleaner, it is easy to use, robust and has optimal suction power. LSU product family has a mo..
Numatic WVD 900
Industrial Wet or Dry - WVD900 The professional 900 embodies in a single machine 15 years experience in supplying the commercial market from one corner of the globe to the other. The sta..
Numatic NTD2003
  Advanced Filtration & Cyclonic - NTD2003 The combination of Structofoam and stainless steel is a standard very close to our engineering hearts and this is never more obviou..