Tomcat Carbon

Tomcat Carbon
Tomcat Carbon Tomcat Carbon Tomcat Carbon Tomcat Carbon Tomcat Carbon
Product Code: Carbon

The Tomcat CARBON EDGE scrubber dryer is equipped with our unique rectangular EDGE scrub deck. The EDGE system works with an oscillating plate and a range of pads which clean up to the edge and into the corners, using up to 70% less water & chemical. 

If required the CARBON can be used to remove build ups of old floor polish without the use of harmful chemicals, increasing operator productivity and reducing the impact on the environment. Renovating epoxy painted floors, polishing natural stone & concrete floors, deep cleaning ceramic floors and even grout are all simple tasks with the innovative tools available for the EDGE system.

  • Unique innovative technology
  • Chemical free stripping
  • Cleans most hard floors
  • Clean to the edge and into the corners
  • Uses up to 70% less water and chemicals
  • Durable and simple to use
  • Large range of pads & special tools

Technical Data
SCRUB WIDTH 61cm/71cm
SCRUB SYSTEM Oscillating EDGE technology
SCRUB SPEED 2500-2900 Rpm
SCRUB PRESSURE 0-68 kg adjustable
WATER CAPACITY 79 litre clean/recovery
DRIVE SYSTEM 0,75 hp, 0-6 km/h sealed
POWER 24v 4 X 6v
RUN TIME 2 - 4 hours
CONSTRUCTION Steel/impact resistant plastic
DIMENSIONS (LxWxH) 132 x 55 x 102cm
WEIGHT 306 kg