Karcher Products in Leeds

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Karcher HD 1040 B Cage
The HD 1040 B Cage is a cold water heavy-duty petrol driven high-pressure cleaner ideal for clean..
Karcher HD 5/11 C
The HD 5/11 C is a lightweight cold water High-Pressure Cleaner available as a 110v or 240v unit...
Karcher HD 1050 B Cage
The HD 1050 B Cage & HD 1050 DE Cage are cold water heavy-duty petrol/diesel driven high-pres..
Karcher 90/60 R Bp
"Hard on dirt - easy to use" Comfortable and extremely compact battery-driven ride-on sweeper..
Karcher HD 5/12 C+
The HD 5/12 C+ is an upright, compact and lightweight cold water high-pressure cleaner that comes..
Karcher 801-4 E
The HDS 801-4 E is used primarily in areas where emission free operation is a must. These units c..
Karcher KM 100/100 RBp
Comfortable and modern ride-on sweeper for professional applications outdoors and indoors sweeps,..
Karcher HD 5/12 CX Plus
The HD 5/12 CX Plus is a lightweight, cold water high-pressure cleaner featuring a 15m hose and r..
Karcher HDS 10/20 -4 M
The Karcher hds 10/20-4m new three-phase HDS hot water cleaner reaches new levels of pe..
Karcher KM 100/100 RD
Easy operation concept Clear arrangement of all controls on the handle for convenient sweeping...
Karcher HD 6/11-4 M + (110v)
The HD 6/11-4 M Plus (110v) is an excellent addition to the cold water range of pressure washers...
Karcher HDS 1000 BE Cage
The HDS 1000 BE/DE Cage are mobile hot water high-pressure cleaners built in a sturdy tubular fra..
Karcher KM 100/100 RP
Comfortable, modern ride-on sweeper for professional use indoors and outdoors for areas from 8,00..
Karcher HD 6/13 C Plus
The HD 6/13 C+ has been designed for high performance cleaning of machinery, vehicles or yards on..
Karcher HDS 12/18-4 S
KÄRCHER’s new three-phase HDS hot water cleaners reach new levels of performance, reliability ..
Karcher KMR 1250 D
Excellent features for optimal cleaning results Size 7500 m Floating roller brush follows sur..
Karcher HD 7/18-4 M Plus
The Kärcher HD 7/18-4 M Plus is a powerful, medium class pressure washer for heavy duty cleaning..
Karcher HDS 13/24 PE Cage
The HDS 13/24 PE Cage is a mobile hot water high-pressure cleaner built on a sturdy tubular frame..
Karcher HD 10/25 4S
  The three-phase HD 10/25-4S cold water high-pressure cleaner is user friendly and offe..
Karcher HD 9/20-4 MX+
This medium class upright cold water high-pressure cleaner is the ideal model for cleaning larger..
Karcher HDS 7/10-4 M
The Karcher HDS 7/10-4 M, hot water high-pressure cleaner of the new middle - and super - cl..
Karcher HDS 6/12 C
Compact hot water high pressure cleaner with eco!efficiency mode and steam function. ..
Karcher HD 728 B Cage
The HD 728 B is a robust, mobile petrol driven high-pressure cleaner ideal for cleaning applicati..
Karcher HDS 7-9-4 M (110v)
The hot water high-pressure cleaners of the new middle- and super-class convince with their 6 mai..
Karcher HDS 2000 Super
Equipped with two powerful pumps and efficient burner technology, the HDS 2000 Super is designed ..