Karcher 801-4 E

Karcher 801-4 E
Brand: Karcher Products in Leeds
Product Code: 17.HDS 801 E

The HDS 801-4 E is used primarily in areas where emission free operation is a must. These units come complete with a stainless steel boiler with high speed heating chamber and internal heating elements. This high speed chamber and hot water tank ensure rapid availability of hot water. These units are ideal for indoor cleaning applications such as in hospitals, washrooms, industrial kitchens and swimming pools.

  • Twin detergent tanks offer easy changeover from one detergent to another saving the operator downtime.
  • The mixer valve on the control panel combines hot water with cold water from the float tank.
  • High water flow rate ensures fast cleaning results even with stubborn dirt.
  • Servo press for variable pressure and water flow control directly on the trigger gun.
  • Facility for integrated storage of spray lance.

Target Markets

  • Leisure
  • Construction
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels & Restaurants

Standard Accessories

  • Easy press trigger gun
  • 10m High-Pressure hose
  • 1050mm Spray lance
  • Power nozzle
Technical Data
Power Supply (v) 420
Water flow rate (l/h) 300/750
Pressure (bar) 30-140
Max temperature (ºC) 80/35
Connected load (kW) 5.6 + 12
Weight (kg) 100
Fuel Tank (I) 25 + 20