Matrix S04500

Matrix S04500
Brand: Matrix
Product Code: S04500

A commercial/industrial 4.5 bar pressure steam only cleaning system.
Designed for heavily soiled areas requiring cleaning utilising steam only.
Made from a stainless steel constructed with a continuous fill boiler.
Machine is supplied with a complete set of tools and accessories. Increase of cleaning efficiency and standards,
Achievable time saving advantages.

Product Features

  • Steam at temperattures up to 170 ºC and 8 bar pressure
  •  Continuouis fill
  •  Steam control switch on handle
  •  Silent running
  •  Wide range of cleaning applications
  •  Steel construction
  •  Automatic safety shut off
  •  Clear pressure display
  •  Wide range of accessories included
  •  Simple operator controls
  •  Light weight and highly manoeuvrable
  •  Locking front castors

Application Areas

  •  Deep cleaning
  •  Toilets and bathrooms
  •  Chemical free cleaning
  •  Food preparation
  •  Stainless steel surfaces
  •  Leisure industry
  •  Healthcare industry
  •  Defrosting freezers
  •  Floor and wall tile cleaning
  •  Food outlets
  •  Cooker hoods
  •  Grouting
  •  Kills bacteria and germs
  •  Dissolves grease and grime
Technical Data
Power Supply (v) 230v
Pressure (bar) 4.5
Capacity 1.8l
Continuous Fill Yes
Steam Temperature 150c