Hako - Jonas 1200

Hako - Jonas 1200
Hako - Jonas 1200 Hako - Jonas 1200
Brand: Hako
Product Code: 08.Jonas 1200

The Hako Jonas 1200 is the perfect machine for effective, economical vacuum sweeping of multi-storey car parks, warehouses and production facilities as well as fixed outdoor areas. With the Hako Jonas 1200 you can choose between petrol, LPG, diesel or battery drive. With running times of up to 5 hours for the battery version and 10 hours for the petrol, diesel and LPG versions, all types of indoor and outdoor applications are possible. Depending upon the conditions of the application in question, there is a choice of many options such as e.g. overhead guard, second side brush on the left hand side, rotating warning beacon, to name but a few.

  • Large 130 litre dirt hopper (100% useable) with hydraulic high dump 1.42m / problem-free emptying into 1100 liter roller lid containers.
  • Powerful lift (sand has a density of approx. 1.8g/ cm³). When the dirt hopper is full the weight of approx. 230kg can be lifted without problem.
  • Automatic broom hopper adaptation, With our unit no dust falls down behind the machine.
  • Powerful 2-cylinder, 4-stroke engines, diesel driven even water cooled.
  • Low vibration, quiet and smooth running.
  • Maximum manoeuvrability, as the driven wheel is the steered wheel.
  • 90° steering lock in both directions.
  • Possible to use the machine in noise-sensitive areas. E.g. the noise level at the operator's ear is < 80dB(A).
  • Extremely effective cassette filter system = dust-free operation with very little filter maintenance.


Technical Data
Sweeping width cm 80
Width mm (fixed parts) 1.142
Length mm (fixed parts) 1.998
Height mm (with overhead guard) 1.520 (1.999)
Sweeping speed Km/h 8.1/11.1
Dirt container capacity litres 130
Output KW 11.9
Operating weight kg 763